Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

For lease of Mini Warehouse units

  • Unit is leased on month to month basis which rolls over to next month unless tenant gives 1 month notice
  • Tenant needs to give 1 month notice of vacating unit
  • To lease unit
    • Tenant has to sign lease
    • Tenant to give one month security deposit at time of lease
    • At time of lease, lease is prorated to the end of the month and the prorated portion of lease is due at time of lease
    • Tenant has to give copy of drivers license or photo page of passport
    • Copy of utility bill of the name of who’s leasing
    • Credit card or Debit card
    • Tenant to sign authorization for Mini Warehouse to charge credit card or debit if payment is not made
  • Lease rate subject to change
Storage rental space of Mini Warehouse Two Ltd